Saturday, 14 January 2012

Saturday Is Caption Day!

Morning troops. The Colonel is happy with your caption parade last week but a couple of points need to be noted. Before you appear on the parade ground please make sure you are properly attired, dressing gowns will not be permitted, also put down the gin bottle, it's half eight for goodness sake. Right. Get your best captions ready and proudly on display. Let's show the enemy what we're made of.



  1. Before they were famous:
    peppa pig naked photos were doing the rounds on the internet!

  2. Mummy was preparing to pig out!

  3. Peppa pig was putting on a brave face after her run in with Mr Dog's steamroller.

  4. Oh lord if only a pig could master the cute look, maybe they wouldn't eat me. Here goes: cuuuuuuuuttteeee! Nope, just can't do it

  5. This new dessert is very clever. It helps you control your portion size by warning you what you'll look like if you eat the whole thing!

  6. Heston's latest creation - bacon victoria sponge!


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