Guidelines for contributors

We welcome guest posts from anyone with anything interesting to say on the subject of parenting.

Our favourite content is that which is on the subject of parenting battles.

The blog is UK based but we welcome posts from all parts of the world. 

Posts are given a short bio with a link back to the author's website or blog, or can be anonymous.

We promote the blog posts through twitter and other online media, and reserve the right to do so at our discretion. 

Guidelines for posting - 
We require all posts to be a minimum of 500 words.
All images must be copyright free and available for us to use. We have photos we can use if  you have none suitable. 
Posts from commercial companies are fine, but only non-commercial content is accepted. Similarly, we don't take third party links. Sales pitches are usually refused. Guest posts with keyword links are not guest posts and yes, we can tell the difference! 
Other that that, we don't bite, so please get in touch. You are welcome to discuss your idea with us first, or just send it on up.

our email address is

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