Monday, 9 January 2012

#MedalMonday - Monday 9th January 2012

Right men, some of you horrible lots, must have been having some parenting triumphs over the Christmas break. January is a bit of a depressing month and its easy to focus on the negative, lets turn those frowns upside down and find some good things that have happened. 

Before Christmas the Sarj was feeling triumphant after taking the twins swimming for the first time luckily her military style (of course!) organisational skills meant she can lead small armies of children to victory and swimming happiness. Pushy Mother had a musical triumph with her son's musical theory exam and shows that sometimes you do have children to succeed. Finally Here Come The Girls had a successful gardening project and has fed her troops from the produce.

Well done troops and make sure you display your medal proudly on your blog. Keep it shiny by visiting regulary and displaying your parenting triumphs

If you've not visited before, Medal Monday is where we celebrate the victories of the parenting war. We say hurrah for days where we have won! Celebrate the little incidents where we came out on top.

To join in, enter the link to your blog post into the linky tool below. We will swing by, say hello, and congratulate you on being the wonderful, victorious parent that you are.


We will see you back next week and the link is open until then. 


  1. Well, that's the 'sarge signing in. Read my tale of 2011 excellence and weep. Come and link up yours too. :)

  2. Love your strapline! I've subscribed to email updates so I can keep an eye on posts to feature in my Britmums column

  3. I just posted a link, but after reading link#1 I think you have a clear Medal Monday winner for this week already! You definitely deserve massive kudos for 2011 - bloody well done.

  4. Katriina - thank you, but I'd do 2011 all over again rather than that slide! SJ


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