Friday, 13 January 2012

#FailFriday - 13th January 2012

Woooooohhooooooohh! Spooky times. Today is Friday the 13th, so we are preparing ourselves for a veritable hoard of your fail stories. Whether you have broken your mirror, condemning yourself to seven years bad luck, or just done the usual 'forgot about school dress-up day' (I know I have), then come along and link up your tales of woe below, loser. 

Last week, we only had two stories linked up, which is good isn't it? We are glad you all got through the previous two weeks with NO FAILS AT ALL? Don't make me laugh. You're not Mary Poppins for goodness' sake.

Anyway, we had Here Come the Girls getting all concerned about too many lost battles over getting fruit in to her little troopers. But she managed it in the end, so she can quit her moaning! 

This week's best all-too-familiar parenting fail comes courtesy of Maid in Yorkshire. You know how it is, all good intentions about how our childrens' little minds are not going to be addled by the nasty of television. Well, on this count, she has fail, fail, failed! But the bloody cheek of it - she only goes and blames someone else. Face it woman, you are a big, fat fail! 

So to be included in next week's round-up, just enter your blog post in the linky below. Leave us a comment or two if you can, grab the Big-Fat-Fail badge to display proudly on your blog and tweet us @ParentFrontLine with #FailFriday. 

Sergeant J


  1. I've linked up!

  2. I've had a monumental fail this week!

  3. I've had an epic fail this morning. How do I link the badge to my post (as opposed to linking to my blog). Or do I just link the badge to my blog?

    Argh! Blonde moment...

  4. I think you'll find I am Mary Poppins. Humph *storms off*

  5. I have managed to link myself in twice... sorry!


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