Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Under Friendly Fire

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Some days you start to wonder whose side you're on. As a stay at home mum it can be tough feeling like you're on your own all the time. It can feel like a long day, especially when you have young children. They go from one undesirable activity to the next without really stopping for breath. You can't wait until 5 o' clock when the reserve forces are due to turn up.

Sometimes, you're in for a long wait. They might show up hours late, or have been redrafted somewhere altogether. If they do show up they can be a bit of a disappointment. Yesterday I was feeling a bit under the weather, nothing much, just a cold. The children had been tetchy and I just wanted a bit of help. I couldn't wait for the husband to come home. In my head he would look after the kids, make the dinner and clear up, while I sat in a darkened room and rocked a bit.

When he did, he was grumpy, and I could see that help was out of the question. He immediately switched on the telly and put on Top Gear. Great. When I asked if he'd watch the children while I made the dinner, all I was greeted with was a huge sigh. I went and put on the dinner and five minutes later the children were all in the kitchen, trying to climb in the oven and play with the boiling pots. When I questioned him, I was accused of dumping the children on him as soon as he got home. Apparently, when he gets in I think I can swan off and have a rest. He didn't seem to notice the dinner I had made and cleared away, and the children I had juggled whilst doing it.

So am I expecting too much? I know it's hard working and then coming home and having no moment to rest. But when do SAHMs have time to rest? What about you, does the working partner help out when they get home or do they expect it to be done for them?

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Brand new parenting blog for UK parents.

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Welcome to Parenting on the Front Line, the brand new, interactive parenting blog for parent bloggers. Our philosophy is that sometimes parenting can seem like one long round of battles - some we win, some we lose - but we battle on in the aim of winning the war. This blog aims to reassure all parents that no matter how tiresome those battles become, or how despondent we feel when we lose, that this is all completely and utterly normal, and you are not alone in your soldiering.

Feel like you are always losing? - come along from each Friday and link up your fail blog posts. Learn all about #FailFriday here.

Want to celebrate a victory? - come along from each Monday and link up your victory blog posts. Learn all about #MedalMonday here.

We are also looking for guest posters of all kinds. Please get in touch.

Our first linky will be on Friday 2nd December, so come back from then and link up, or just come, have a read and benefit from everyone elses' experiences. We encourage a supportive environment, where bloggers can be free from the judgement of fellow comrades. Battling between ourselves does none of us any good.

So leave us a comment or two, and come back and join in very soon.

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