Monday, 16 January 2012

#MedalMonday - 16th January 2012


Medal Monday is where we celebrate the high points of parenting. We give thanks for the times where our parenting brilliance comes to the fore, and we banish the demons of parenting hell back where they belong.

To join in, find a parenting victory blog post, old or new, grab the badge from the right, and come and link up. Don't forget to tweet us @ParentFrontLine with #MedalMonday, and leave us a comment if you can. Thank you!!!

Last week, we heard the success stories of two of our more diligent soldiers.

First we had me, with an unusual journey into successville. Read all about how proud I am that I got myself and my family through the roller-coaster that was 2011.

Then we had Headspace Blog who not only got through a holiday with her young family (triumphant enough really), but also rode the scariest slide ever and made it back alive, with all limbs intact. Roar!!

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