Friday, 18 May 2012

Fight the boredom this summer

School is nearly out and summer is fast approaching. The idea of having the kids at home 24/7 may induce a multiplicity of feelings, whether you’re a stay at home parent, or timed your annual leave to coincide with the inevitable. If  you’re trying to avoid the monotonous drones of “I’m bored” from your teenager, having to play dress up one more time with your four year old or tripping over your toddlers trike, then you will need to be armed with some ideas to keep these lot busy. That’s why as a fellow parent hailing from the front line, I have come up with just a few ideas.

Take them on Holiday
If you can afford it, even if it’s just at the end of the street, taking the kids on holiday is always a good solution for keeping them out your hair and off your back. A change of scenery can do wonders for not only their moods, but yours as well. When making a choice on which hotel to stay in, be sure to consider your options. Depending on the age of your children, make sure there are things for teenagers to do such as bowling, discos, snorkelling etc. as you certainly don’t want them repeating that all familiar phrase whilst you’re trying to soak up the rays in Barbados. If you have younger children, you should make sure the hotel has a kid’s club where they can meet other children on holiday, making for hours of uninterrupted play for them and rest for you. With babies, making sure that the room you choose is safe i.e. covered sockets and child safe crib, mattress etc. Another thing to consider is a self catering option as heating up bottles in the middle of the night won’t be that thrilling if you have to run down to the reception desk to do so. 

Send them out in the Garden
Depending on their age you should probably take them. How does this get them out your hair you might ask? Well it doesn’t really, but the games you can play outdoors are countless and I can guarantee will not become boring. Playing hide and seek in the garden shed, building a tree house, dressing up the dog or even planting a few vegetables are all activities that will keep your children busy this summer. Depending on where you live and if the hose pipe ban is in operation, then filling up the paddling pool, having a picnic lunch or making mud pies for the hedgehogs are also options for hours of fun in the garden.  The possibilities are endless!

Ship them Off to Grandma and Grandad 
So, grandparents are also lifesavers when having the kids all summer is becoming a bit of a drag. Your children will always enjoy being spoilt rotten by your parents so having them visit will never be like convincing them that taking a trip to the dentist is fun. Grandma always seems to have an endless supply of cakes and sweets, whilst Grandad tells the funniest jokes that have them falling off their chairs, no matter what age. Your parents will hardly ever say no, because unlike when they’re with you, your children to your parents are like angels. Plus, they have the added benefit that at the end of the day, they can pack them back to you, breathing a sigh of satisfaction and waving an enthusiastic goodbye.

And so it’s on that note that I wish you all the best of luck keeping your little ‘uns entertained this summer. Have a good one!

This post was provided by Anika, working for Tiger Sheds. If you need a shed to hide in this summer holidays, they're your people!


  1. Great ideas!

    My children are 6 and 3, and my neighbour and I (we live in the same apartment building which has a small shared garden) have invested in some inexpensive outdoor toys:
    - balls of different sizes
    - plastic hockey sticks
    - hula hoops
    - skipping ropes
    - chalks for drawing on concrete
    - watering can
    - stilts

    Our children play with different combinations of these for literally hours at a time.

    Other things which I reckon provide endless possibilities for little people outdoors are bikes/trikes and tents.

    There are still times when they aren't at all interested in the toys and can spend ages tending to "pet" ladybugs or making a secret clubhouse in the bushes...

    1. Some more great suggestions, thank you. Chalks are a fab idea!


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