Friday, 11 May 2012

#FailFriday - May 2012

Sorry! Been really busy. Doing successful parenting stuff obviously. I'm not a failure.

However, if you've been feeling the pressure recently and achievement has given way to a disaster or two, then this is the place to be. 

Link up your fail posts below, tweet us with #FailFriday, and let us all share in your self-pitying, wallowing mess of a life. The funnier the better, thank you! And something we can take the piss out of you for would be ideal. There's a badge over on the right if you want to increase your exposure as an inadequate human being. 

So, link up below and we'll all come and show you some support / sympathy / humiliation*

Thank you good people!!

*depends how we feel at the time. It's pot luck, I'm afraid.

Ignore this technical bit - PY3WCU7DS2BM

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