Thursday, 20 March 2014

#FailFriday - March 2014

#FailFriday is back!!

#FailFriday is for all your tales of parenting woes. Grab the badge, link up your story below, and share with us on Twitter.  What have you done wrong recently? Don't worry, we're not here to judge. Or to laugh. Mostly.

Me? I feel like a bit of a failure this week. I've had twins with chicken pox, and it's been a nasty bout. Nastier than it was with my older two children. My twins spent most of one day crying over the state of each other. To them, looking at each other was like looking in a mirror and upsetting themselves. They've been sore and itchy, and hot and cold, and very uncomfortable. 

There's not been a lot I could do really. They don't like the calamine cream, and are sick of lukewarm baths. I'm exhausted. We got through the week but not without dubious amounts of Calpol, a lot of tears and some falling out. And not just with the children. 

Anyway, if you want some reassurance that you're doing alright really, come and link up and we'll all come and give you our sympathies. 

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