Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Firework fail

I'm typing this while waiting for our bonfire night dinner to cook - fish, pasta, and vegetables. Hardly bonfire night fare. I should really have done hot dogs or something but I'm having a real case of the can't-be-arseds. 

We've always done something on bonfire night. I'm not one for doing it on a weekend instead. To me, either do it in the actual night or don't bloody bother. 

Tonight, with the kids going back to school after an extraordinarily busy week, and the husband being at work on late shift right now, I really can't motivate myself to make the effort.

On the way home from school, the children were asking if we were having people over?

I said no.

So they asked about their cousins, and if they were coming like last year?

Again, no.

So they said they'd just have to have the fireworks with us, as a family.

I told them we didn't have fireworks. 

I do have a box of sparklers from last year, and we'll go in the garden later and do them, and watch the neighbours fireworks, and that'll be that for another year.

I feel terribly guilty, and that I have failed them again due to my own lack of motivation and energy levels. 

This is the total sum of our entertainment for this evening. 


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