Friday, 16 March 2012

#FailFriday - 16th March 2012


Welcome back to Fail Friday. Did you miss us? Sorry we've not been around for a few weeks but we've been really busy - out on manoeuvres and all that. Honest, captain.

Fail Friday is now becoming a bigger, monthly weekly which will be kicked off on a Friday in the middle of the month. You can link up a new or old post on the topic of parenting fails. Tweet us @parentfrontline with the link to your blog post and we'll tweet it out to our army of parent followers. They might all come and just point at you and say 'Ha-ha!' like Nelson off The Simpsons, but whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Hopefully.

Anyway, to start things off again I would like to impart to you my latest parenting faux-pas.

Picture the scene: a modest semi in sleepy suburbia. Parents lovingly tidying the house while the older two children are at their perfect, little village school. The cherubic twins snoozing blissfully in the pram. The parents smile at each other as they find little pieces of artwork their young children have created just for them. Perfect little masterpieces. LOTS of masterpieces. 

Fast forward a few hours when the young, curly haired, bushy-eyed girls return from school and the younger one spots her masterpieces in the recycling box next to the back door.

Fail: Never, ever forget to actually bin the artwork you seem to be drowning in. And do it properly.

Result: Floods, and floods of tears that you may actually drown in.

Ooops. That'll be a big fat fail badge for me then. If you want one too, the code is over to the right.

fail badge
It would be lovely to see all you other parenting failures linking up. Even if it's just to make crap ones like me feel a bit better.


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