Wednesday, 14 March 2012

6 things to do with the kids this Easter holiday

School holidays can sometimes get a bit stressful, and finding new and exciting things to do with your children can be a struggle. have given us these great ideas....

Easter falls on 8 April this year. And to make sure that you have the very best Easter break with the kids, we’ve come up with six fantastic things to keep them occupied, so that you have more time to relax!

Take them to see the meerkats
Watch their little faces light up when they meet Aleksandr and his little friends at Paradise Wildlife Park. They’ll not only get to see these cute critters up close, but they’ll also be presented with their own certificate as a memento – simples!

Take a trip to Brighton 
If last year is anything to go by then we should be in for some pleasant weather this Easter. And where better to spend a warm, April day, than by the sea? Brighton is a fantastic place to take the kids and not only for its stretch of cobbled beach - it boasts some fantastic green spaces for them to let off some steam - and Its famous Sea Life Centre is also a must see. We recommend taking a walk through the peaceful gardens of the Royal Pavilion, too – bliss!

What about a junior driving experience in the UK?
While they’ll probably be driving you up the wall for the remainder of the week, why not treat them to an exhilarating junior driving experience in the UK? This is perfect for the little speed demons in your life because they’ll have the chance to drive a supercar under controlled conditions away from the public road -and all under the supervision of an ADI instructor. Best suited to children aged 12-16, they’ll thoroughly enjoy their day out at tracks across the UK.

Roll on Easter – it’s  zorbing time!
Although for older children, Zorbing is great! If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s the latest craze to come out of New Zealand. Essentially this is an activity that involves rolling down a track strapped into a huge padded ball – it’s fantastic.  A great way for them to cut loose outdoors and spend some of that built up energy, we guarantee they’ll sleep after this!

Send them on an Easter egg hunt!
Everybody’s a winner with this one. You’ll get to see them all excited as they forage around for tasty treats in the garden. And besides, it gets them outdoors for the day too – can’t be bad!

Take them on a tour around the stadium of their favourite team
If you’ve a budding Wayne Rooney in your house, you’ll know that a dream tour of their favourite stadium will make his or her year! Not only will they get to explore every area – from the changing rooms to the stand - but they’ll also get a once in a lifetime chance to take a walk down the player’s tunnel!

Whatever you decide to do with the kids this Easter, make sure you have a fantastic time!

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