Monday, 6 February 2012

#MedalMonday - 6th February 2012

Huzzah! It's that time of the week again where we have a good old gloat to everyone else about what brilliant, stroke-of-genius parenting stuff we've been up to. 

Come and join in with Medal Monday. Grab the victory badge and link up your blog post below. Don't forget to tweet us the link to your post, and leave us a comment so we know you've linked up!

Last week we had two victorious tales of parenting brilliance. 

Headspace blog was back again (if it weren't for her fantastic fail posts here on a Friday, I would be beginning to think she is THE ultimate in parenting excellence,) with her tale of an activity to keep your budding mini-fashionista occupied.

At the front this week, we have Tales of a Twin Mum who, with the aid of an essential piece of kit, managed to achieve something us other parenting losers can only aspire to - SLEEP!!!! Hurrah! Don't mess with her or she will send you to bed and you won't be coming down til the little sun on the clock comes out. To avoid this happening to us, we will award her the honour of being our star-trooper this week. 

medalSo, come back over the next few days and read all about other parenting successes. Link up your own story (old or new) if you've got one and we'll all swing by and cheer at your triumph. If you haven't got a story for us, then come back on Friday and link up with other parenting losers with your story of defeat and utter failure. We know you've got one of those at least, and anyone who says otherwise is a big fat liar. So there.

Signing out, 

Sergeant J

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