Friday, 3 February 2012

#FailFriday - 3rd February 2012


Fall in line for Fail Friday.

For the benefit of all you deserters, Friday is the day we show our battle scars, and report back with our stories of defeat. So, if you've dropped the baby on it's head, turned your back on a room full of crayon-laden toddlers, or made a complete arse out of yourself in front of your teens, then we need to know about it.

Our enemies are numerous - teachers, foodstuffs, bloody craft thingy-me-bobs, and the children too. Some days it seems they all conspire to make us as miserable as possible. Come and sprag them in to us.

Link up your blog post below, tweet us @ParentFrontLine with the link to your post, and leave us a comment to let us know you've linked up. Don't forget to award yourself the big fat fail badge (on the right) if you know how, failure!

Today, we are on maneouveres, but will be armed with our essential tools (smartphones naturally), so get linking up and come and say hello!

Last week, we had one report of defeat. When you can't speak the lingo, the potential for failure is mahoosive. It certainly was for this unlucky trooper. Read it and thank someone, somewhere that it wasn't you.

Laters men!

Sergeant J

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