Sunday, 4 December 2011

#MedalMonday - 5th December 2011


Welcome to our very first #MedalMonday. Today we celebrate all that is good in parenting. We give thanks for all those things we have done that have turned out well. This may be our little treasure's fantastic performance in the school play, a successful mealtime, a battle won with the po-faced health visitor, anything that you are proud of this week. 

Link up your blog posts at the bottom of this one and we'll all come by, cheer, and marvel at your parenting prowess. You might as well milk it for as long as it lasts - I know I would! Don't forget to grab the badge (on the right of this page), and tweet us @ParentFrontLine. A chosen post will lead out the victory parade next week. 

The post can be an old one or a new one. It can be on anything from baking to crafts, health to education - anything that you do as a parent, nay as a human being, that you are proud of. Read the full details of #MedalMonday here.

Thank you for joining in. You are a fabulous parent, and we all salute you!

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