Thursday, 1 December 2011

#FailFriday - 2nd December 2011


Hello and welcome to our very first linky - Fail Friday. If you want to know more about this linky, please click here. To join in, the linky is at the bottom of this post.

To kick things off, I will share with you a pretty crappy parenting fail. My baby, when she was eight months old, tried to eat a slug. Yes, a real one. A live one. I am not proud.

It was a normal Sunday morning. One of the twins decided it would be a good day to get up at stupid o'clock. I would've tried to keep her in her cot and teach her that Sunday mornings are for lying in bed, but I didn't want to wake the other twin prematurely, so I took twin one and we went downstairs. We have had a slug problem for a bit so I did a quick check of the floor before I put her down. I gave her a couple of toys and put my feet up on the sofa and tried not to close my eyes for too long, just in case. I think I succeeded. Mostly.

When I heard the chomping noise, it was all a bit of a blur. The greedy little cherub had found a slug under the sofa and couldn't resist. At that age everything ends up in the mouth, and she had made no exception for this unusual looking visitor. I think the slug now regrets his actions. He did come out again, whole, but he didn't look very well. If I hadn't been so knackered it might not have happened, but hey, these things are sent to make us all stronger. Apart from said slug. For this palaver, I respectfully award myself the Big Fat Fail badge.

fail badge

If you would like the same honour, then link up your parenting fail blog post below, grab the badge from the right hand column, and display it proudly. We will all come over and agree that you did indeed fail, but will try and provide you with all the emotional support a competent and willing soldier deserves.

Also, please do visit those that have linked up and show some love. And leave us a comment below too if you can - we love them!

Roger, over and out.


  1. Ew! I hate slugs! Boo has put some pretty disgusting stuff in his mouth (incl. a half sucked boiled sweet from the floor of local pharmacy!) but we've avoided slugs thus far.

  2. Don't worry - there's plenty of time before they grow up! One day I'm sure you'll have your own slug eating story to tell. Or maybe something even more disgusting....


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