Wednesday, 11 September 2013

From colour to style: considerations when decorating any family home

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So, you’ve got the kids home from school, put the dinner on and started to eye up the pile of ironing yet to complete. Your mind is so occupied with thoughts of your daily routine that you may have overlooked more pressing concerns – like the walls that are in desperate need of a lick of paint or the door which no longer sits flush against the frame.

When tearing round the house after your little ones it can be easy to overlook the need to redecorate but once you notice an imperfection you’ll struggle to see anything else!

As with any form of redecoration, there are numerous considerations you have to make with colour and style two of the biggest factors when decorating a family home.


This is an important factor in any home but for families your choice of shade will be based on practical as well as personal reasons. Light coloured carpets may be great for increasing the illusion of space but they don’t really hold up to the mess little ones can make. 

Instead, darker floor coverings are best and wipe-clean options such as laminate or vinyl flooring are incredibly practical.

The same ideas apply to wall colour. If you’re going to go with a neutral palette then opt for a slightly darker, biscuit shade which won’t show marks as much and consider looking at wash-clean paint which is specifically designed for family homes.


Style is a very important factor to consider and can make or break the appearance of your home. If the brickwork, window frames and roof tiles are all of a certain style, then try and follow suit with any decoration you add. 

A contemporary house will benefit from solid panels, clean lines and a modern wood timber front door, for example, but a traditional home may be more suited to intricate glass panels and a more delicate handle for their front door.

The style will generally be dictated by the property itself but there are ways to merge old and new ideas if you want to give your old-fashioned home an update. 


The last consideration you must make when redecorating your home is how long it will last. Children grow up fast and this means that any decorations you add which embrace their favourite characters may become outdated in a matter of weeks.

The important lesson here is to keep things as safe as possible. Always decorate with the future in mind and pick something that will last.

If your kids insist on having their favourite character from kids TV brought into their room then opt for soft toys or small accessories like lampshades and bedspreads which are easier to replace than intricate wallpapers and considerably cheaper too. 

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