Monday, 23 July 2012

#MedalMonday - July 2012


Right-o. I'm sick of hearing about all you failures* so thought it was about time we looked at the happy side of parenting - all you parenting successes. You know who you are. You might not be the greatest parent in the world ever, but I'm sure you've done something, even something very small, of which you are proud. It can be something recent or not, something funny or not, on any topic - food, crafts, a battle won.

If you have then well done you! Grab the victory badge (from the right sidebar) for your post and link up below. Tweet us @parentfrontline with #medalMonday and we'll retweet you to our army of parent troopers. We will all come and marvel at your parenting prowess and revel in your glory.

If you haven't, then you best come back next week for #failFriday. See you then. Especially you.

* I am so not. I will never, ever tire of them.

{The sarge}

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